Key of D

Re-arrangement by Don M. Mahan


-- D-------------------G------------ D

1. When I was a child my family would travel


Down to Sonora, Arizona, where my parents were born.

----------------------------- G-------D

That's a hispanic old town that's often remembered


So many times that my memories are worn.


Chorus: Daddy, won't you take me back to Eastern Pinal County

------------------------------A------- D

To Barcelona and Sonora, one mile south of Ray?

----------------------------- G------- D

Well I'm sorry mi hijo, but you're too late in asking

---------------------------------A---------- D

Kennecott Copper Corporation has hauled them away.

--- D------------------------------ G---------D

2. Well, sometimes we'd travel right down to El Charro

-------- A---------- G

The Juarez Theater or the old swimming pool.

----------------------------------------- G----- D

Where the air smelled like copper and the water greenish brown

--------------------- A---------------D

But drive by and look was all we would do.



3. The Copper Company came with whistles and blasting


They tore down St. Helen's and stripped all the land.

----------------------- G------------ D

They dug for the copper 'til the land was forsaken

---------------------------- A-------------D

Then they wrote it all off as the progress of man.


---D------------------------ G---------- D

4. Before I die let my memories float down the canyon

--------------------- A------------- D

To Haddad's, El Felix, Salon Bombero, and the mountains high.

------------------- G

To see the Ray Sonora "Tigers" win another ball game

------ A------- D

And remember a "little bit of Mexico," my family and I sigh.

Final Chorus:



"Paradise," a 1971 song by John Prine, was about the town of Paradise, Muhlenberg County in Eastern Kentucky. It was dug up and hauled away by the Peabody Coal Company.

Similar were the results of the Kennecott Copper Corporation in the towns of Ray, Sonora, and Barcelona, Pinal County, Arizona. The above musical arrangement, "Sonora," brings back history, along with memories and dreams to former residents, families and friends.

Enjoy. Don M. Mahan, July 4, 2009

Video "Paradise" by John Prine - on

References to specific places, St. Helens, el Felix, etc., might be explained at Arizona State University archives about Sonora

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