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Paintings: Albert Ruiz and Theresa Ozuma's

Albert Ruiz - Sonora, Arizona

Sonora, looking over pit.

L.C. Cameron '66 writes: I love the picture! I moved to Ray when I was five. My dad - Jerry Crandall - was justice of the peace and also managed the theaters in both Ray and Sonora. I remember going with him to visit an elderly lady in Sonora. I remember how many doilies she had. I loved how colorful the houses were and the streets were somewhat narrow. I went to the Sonora elementary school for part of a year in 5th grade. Our classroom burned down at Lincoln Elementary School. It was one of classrooms separate from the main building….. I am enjoying all the memories. Thanks so much. L.

J."J". Magallanez '68 shares: "The only thing I also remember was that our house which was right next to the Union Hall, would have been located between the town and the strip mining. They used to sound a siren, warning of a blast, rocks would at times hit our roofs. Obviously, we eventually moved further into the mountains close to "Barcelona", where the Acostas, who still live in Prescott and Tuscon lived. I think behind the bandstand was the old Cosmopolita Hotel, I remember dances on the bottom floor, with modern music of the day. Albert's painting brings back vivid memories of the festivities, baile folklorico, mariachi, the booths and the races we had as kids: coasters, potato sack, cuchara con huevo, etc... we learned to value competition, victory as well as defeat - lots of fun. He even put the greased pole, ruined alot of good clothes doing that. fun, fun, fun days. Probably everyone has been to this ASU Library site: http://www.asu.edu/lib/archives/remnants.htm Sonora. "J

Paining from Theresa Ozuma

Sonora, looking over pit.

"Sonora Street 1961" painting

"Thanks to my sister, Lou, for sending a photo of the Sonora painting our mother won in a raffle. The deteriorating paper on the back said, 'Sonora Street 1961.' Jack and Pegi Naylon (could also be an 'H'), Kearny AZ. Can any of you identify the street and homes? Does anyone remember the painter? Tess"

J. Celis..".I saw the painting you emailed of the Sonora St, dated 1961. Well 2 things, the location of the painting is at the corner of Juarez St and 3rd Ave looking west. The house on the right (2 story) is the home of the Corral Family...Amanda and Pepe. The house on the left (2 story) is of a family related to one of the Ramirez in Sonora. The Mother of Chuy Yanez lived there. I also remember a guy they called "Baby" Ramirez living there. I believe they were related also to Euneni (Alice Avelar) Ramirez from Kearny. The next home up the street from the Ramirez house I believe Eva (Ansurio) Morales lived there.* The next home belonged to Pancho (Licha) Quiroz This is the family of Tommy Quiroz. ~ When I was nine, (which corresponds to the 1961 date) I was in the area observing a group of painters doing landscapes in the area. I don't know exactly how many, but at least 10 individuals, I believe. They came to Sonora for a few days I think and did the paintings. Some of the painter's were very advanced and others were beginners. I remember standing behind a lady who was a very advanced artist and she was painting the Corral home, which is in the same area as your painting. I've collected photos of the area for many years now and I always wondered what happened to the paintings. 49 years later is is good to know that they still exist! " J

In speaking to T. Quiroz '69 yesterday, he says: "I haven't seen the painting but from what you are saying it, it was our street. One correction though. The house between the Ramirez' and our home was our grandmother's home."

M.A.C. Bueno '68 identified her home and the others as Jim and Tommy stated.

Albert's' comment about the upper left corner (Ray High School is in upper left-hand corner)".Upper left to top picture

A closeup of the painter's signature.Signature from painting.

Interview/story with Albert Ruiz by Cox 7 TV

An email from Theresa Ozuma led me to an interview with Mr. Ruiz about Beto's Corner restaurant in Camp Verde, AZ. The interview is at this link from Cox 7 TV's su vita. Please watch the video to hear the personal story of Sonora and Albert. The minatures below are from the video.

Prob Sonora street sceneOwner-Painter untitled two
Stars over Sonora paining The RestaurantPit with Teapot Mt i

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