Title graphic: Ray-Sonora, Arizona

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.Ray, .Sonora, .Barcelona, Arizona

Contributed Photos

We can all thank .June .Morton for the pictures on this page. I was really pleased to get them

You may need to scroll right to see this snowy view across Mineral Creek and past .Boyd Heights. These mountains are to the left of .Teapot Mtn.

stiched picture including Teapot

This stiched version without snow is similar to the previous picture but with .Teapot Mtn. showing.

This very nice picture from 1947 was taken from an airplane by .June's brother. Clearly visible is .Boyd Heights and to the right in the middle distance is .Sonora.

From inside the elementary school

The picture of .Teapot was taken from the second floor of .Lincoln Elementary School at the head of the stairwell.

Downtown Ray with Sonora in the background.

Downtown .Ray from enough height to show Mineral Creek, the caving ground-pit mine, and .Sonora (upper left corner).

Boyd Heights, (date unknown-ovk)

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