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Highway, Geology, and Satellite Views

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Hwy 177 near Ray Mine.

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Javascript is used to switch between three map views of the area from Hayden, along highway 177 to .Superior. The registration is close between the three maps so you will see little jumping of features. The .Ray Mine seems to be in a Xms region but the TKg description fits better (See a USGS discussion of Ray's geology).


See the second link below, from which this abbreviated legend is extracted, for much more detail and completeness. Only types immediately in the .Ray Mine area are identified here.

Xms EARLY PROTEROZOIC METASEDIMENTARY ROCKS(1600-1800 Ma) Metasedimentary rocks, mostly derived from sandstone and shale, with minor conglomerate and carbonate rock. Includes quartz-rich, mostly non-volcanic Pinal Schist ....

Tsv MIDDLE MIOCENE TO OLIGOCENE SEDIMENTARY ROCKS(11-32 Ma) Sequences of diverse volcanic rocks with abundant interbedded sedimentary rocks.

TKg EARLY TERTIARY TO LATE CRETACEOUS GRANITIC ROCKS(50-80Ma) Porphyritic to equigranular granite to diorite emplaced during the Laramide orogeny. Larger plutons are characteristically medium-grained, biotite+/-hornblende granodiorite to granite. Smaller, shallow-level intrusions are typically porphyritic. Most of the large copper deposits in Arizona are associated with porphyritic granite rocks of this unit and are thus named "porphyry copper deposits."

Yg MIDDLE PROTEROZOIC GRANITIC ROCKS (1400-1450 Ma) Mostly porphyritic biotite granite with large microcline phenocrysts, with local fine-grained border phases and aplite. Associate pegmatite and quartz veins are rare. This unit forms large plutons, including the .Oracle Granite, Ruin Granite, granite in the .Pinnacle Peak-Carefree area northeast of .Phoenix and several bodies west of Prescott.


Ordering Geologic Maps of Arizona.

Geologic Map and Legend of Arizona

local.live.com, Microsoft's mapping site, was the source of the satellite view above. I recommend it!

Landsat Images Repository

The following is the lower left corner of .Hot .Tamale .Peak Map in the 7.5 Minute Series, 1:24000 USGS Topographic map. There is no specific legend for this 1978 map Zoomed in topographic map-Hot Tamale Mtn
I ordered the adjacent map, .Teapot .Mt, to stitch onto this map. But stitching two large pictures (40 Mbytes each) together overwhelmed my computer.

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