Pictures, narrative, and comments from those with family connections to .Ray and .Sonora, Arizona.
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June Morton

.June sent several pictures circa 1940-50 which are found by clicking on her name (above).

.June was kind enough to lend me (ovk) .Bearcat Annuals from the 1950's which are found in the following table.

.Ken .Shake

Ken had an extensive collection of Ray memorabilia but lost most in a fire. He shares early pictures of the mining area.


.Gary T. .Spargo

Gary shared a photos of downtown Ray and family members. And family activities in the area.

.John .Clayborn

John mentions the Wingfoot homes and contributes about the Euclid trucks.

.Mike Roberson

Mike adds some about downtown Ray.

.Frank .Amador

Frank mentions visiting in Sonora.

.Judy .Elliot .Jones

Judy sent the color picture of downtown Ray.


Kathy (.Case) Kangas

Kathy sent a sketch of the high school drawn by her Dad. It was used on .Ray High School stationary. There are more details about the sketch and her Dad.

Dusty Tibbs

Dusty provided pictures and detail from his Dad's many years at the Ray Mine. Arthur E. Tibbs' jobs went from gate guard up to supervisor. (ovk--more to be added)


Dorothy rescued the panoramic view of Ray from being put in the trash bin. Her email and the panorama are shown.

Sam Barten

Sam's photo's were from parent's albums circa 1917.

Tommy Meisel

Ore truck driving and life as the towns were being removed-around 1962-'65.

Don Mahan

Song lyrics in memory of Sonora and Barcelona and Ray.

Diane Ortigo

1931 Commencement Program-Ray HS, including graduates names and dignitaries.

Albert Ruiz - Theresa Ozuma

Albert's painting of Sonora and one provided by Theresa. (Thanks!-ok)

Terry Hall

Story about blasting at the mine; machine gun pit support.

**The words preceded by a period are marked that way to avoid computer translation of that word. For example: .Mike stays .Mike but Mike becomes Micrófono
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