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The link to the Library of Congress is to their archive searcher. Search for "Ray Arizona" without the quotes. You will get about 10 hits; three are relevant. See the discussion below about file formats for why this page is "needed."

Ray, 1909, facing south
To 150 kb
This is the view from above downtown Ray. Teapot to the right. Note the three story building in downtown. Other views show that the veranda is on every side.
Ray, 1908, to the north
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Teapot Mt. is bleeding off the left edge. Downtown Ray is beyond the creek, near the center of the left panel.This picture is taken about half a mile downstream from the one below.
Ray, 1909, to north-wider vier
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Downtown Ray is just to the right of the center bar of the panorama. The lower left portion of this picture is used in the legend below.
Picture overlain with descriptive markers
A: is upstream on Mineral Creek, in 19xx an arch dam was built a mile upstream.
B: In 1945, this was the site of the crusher building and ore silo.
C: In 1945, an elementary school sat on the hill. One access was a set of wooden stairs from the Mineral Creek flood plain to the top of the bluff. The road access was from the left, beyond the school itself.
D: is a small, normally dry creek that had eroded a narrow, deep channel through a layer of conglomerate rock. One of those special glamour spots you find in the desert.
E: There was an abandoned tipple building and ore silo that we kids played in and around. Mountains of tailings here were great to slide down.
F: Downtown Ray was here in 1945. Much of the development downstream from here was entirely obliterated by 1945.
G: The hill to the right had, by 1945, been undercut and dropped to become a depression rather than a hill. Sonora could be seen across the caving grounds.

A note about computer pictures:

Same building in two formats
These blowups come from one of the panorama's above. Web pictures arrive at your computer in a variety of forms. The Library of Congress has an archival version in "tiff" format which is 7 megabytes. In the tiff, windows on the building are slightly clearer than the left building's. In the large, 144 kB jpeg (the linked picture), a blow-up of a building looks like the left version; the 16 kB jpeg (middle, above) looks, in detail, like the right. If you have the magnifying glass feature of your computer turned on, look around at the detail on the linked pictures.
The blue sky was put in mainly to remove blotchy appearance that results from resizing and compressing pictures. The LC's archive pictures look right with their uneven yellowing from age, but that doesn't convert comfortably to small jpeg versions.

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