Ray, Sonora, and Barcelona in central, east Arizona are no more. In there place is a giant, open pit copper mine. This web site is a remembrance of what once was home.
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View nostalgic video of Ray, Sonora - Well done! Background music: "Our Town," by Iris Dement© Available Amazon.Com.

I was a sixth and seventh grader in .Ray, Arizona, so my perspective is incomplete, immature and romantic. I need the input from those who lived and worked more years and with more at stake to make this a more detailed and realistic web site. But until that perspective arises, here is mine.

Teapot Mountain, 1911, snowyThe landscape dominated the town. To the southwest was Teapot Mt. shown here in a 1911 photo taken from above and northeast of Ray. (Near #1 on the map.)
Fortunately, this and twenty-two other pictures of Ray-Sonora are part of the Cline Library collection and can be viewed on the web.
Teapot Mtn. beyond the open pit copper mine. A fairly recent picture from about the same perspective shows the copper mine--a somewhat changed scene. A brief history of the mining corporations is at the ASARCO Mines.

The mining district around Globe, Kearny, and Superior highlights the land of the southwest. Have you ever traveled to the southwest before? If you have never visited states such as Arizona, Utah, or New Mexico, add that to your 'to-do' list. The tourism and landscape of this area is unbeatable. If you have ever wanted to see Salt Lake City, make the trip! Salt Lake City is a gorgeous area. Find hotel Salt Lake City for your trip. ...And don't forget to make the trip to Sonora if you're visiting Salt Lake City!

A book that is much more complete than this web page is "Forever Sonora, .Ray, Barcelona - A Labor of Love" by .Leonor .Lopez. She has contacted me with permission to upload portions of the book. My copy was bought from the .General .Kearny .Inn, .Kearny, AZ.

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