1951 Ray High School Annual

Excerpts from the Bearcat

1951 Seniors |||| HS Faculty

June Morton, Class of 1954, has loaned me Ray High School annuals. I have taken some pictures and names from that annual and present them here. I could not present the entire annuals so I tried to present material interesting to all--including the grandkids of past residents. From the 1951 annual, the Ray doctor, Dr. Utzinger, is shown because of his broad connection to many from Ray. A new gym is shown--but it was very short lived. Teapot Mtn. only appeared once in the annual and only in a minor role.

High school gym

The Board of Education, page 10, was Mr. Howard Bradt, Dr. O. E. Utzinger, and Mr. Aurelio Sanchez.

Ray Schools Board of Education
Montage of student life at Ray HS.The heart shape's unwritten meaning is lost. Here is the one view of Teapot Mtn. The sign apparently says Danger No Entrance.
Lincoln Elementary StaffLincoln Elementary School
STAFF--Lincoln Elementary School: Mr. Woods, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Powers, (bottom) Mrs. Golden, Mrs. Collins, Miss Arter, Mrs. Cullens, Mr. Giorsetti--Principal.
Mrs. Ruth Collins's face is as I remember it. She was a friend of my Mother's.
Washington Elementary SchoolWashington Elementary Staff
STAFF--Washington Elementary School: Mr. Terry, Mr. Murchison, Mr. Case, Mr. Echols, (middle) Mrs. Book, Mrs. Brubacher, Miss Johnson, Mrs. Layton, Miss Hall, Miss Bolten, (bottom) Miss Slayman, Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Barr, Mrs. Woods, Miss Bartlett, Miss Brown, Miss Sanchez.

Mrs. Brubacher was also a friend of my Mother's. I remember her as a very tall, slender teacher--not what is seen here.

Ray HS BAnd

The band seems small when compared to some that appear in the Rose Bowl parade. But certainly larger than zero. Any members--please send me a note of your activities.

JUNIORS: Joe Alvarado, Phyllis Bradt*, Charlotte Brown, Luis Fontes, Hortencia Leyba, Ramon Lomeli, Edward Ochoa, Marvin Pitts, Norman Rich, Margie Rivera, Rosa Shaffer

SOPHOMORES: Pete Avelar, Phyllis Bradt*, Irma Cortez, Manuel Flores, Amparo Fortes, Clara Giese, Annie Granillo, Rex Henley, Victor Hoover, Salvador Perez, Doris Pruett, Enriqueta Ramirez, Jesus Ramus, Marlene Riley, Lazaro Sandoval, Billy Toon, Frances Verdugo, Lucy Yanez   (*Phyllis shown twice in the annual--probably a junior.)

FRESHMEN: Dora Armenta, Phyllis Baxter**, Mary Brewer, Billy Burleson, Berna Crum, Cameron Crump, Lasca (nee, Tollett) Dalton, Martha Dozal, Spencer Edwards, Frank Esquival, Billy Esquivel, Alex Figueroa, Manda Garcia, Betty Gensch, Robert Granillo, Carmen Granillo, Ramona Granillo, Larry Harrell, Rodney Hawman, George Heintz, Laura Hunnicutt, Martina Juarigue, Dale Lindes, Marina Lozano, Lydia Luera, Lorenzo Luera, Olivia Marquis, Coy Mathews, Carl Merkt, Jimmy Miller, Josie Morales, Buddy Moran, June Morton, Jesus Olmos, Otilia Perez, Kenneth Rawson, Jenny Rios, Jimmy Ruiz, Joe Sanchez, Nettie Sandoval, Billy Seller, Marlene Stair, Joe Tovar, Betty Warren, Calvin Warren, Elmer Wright   **Not pictured.

June Morton, 1951 Fr.
(Loaned me
the Annual
-- ovk)
San Carlos 51 37
Hayden 43 39
Tempe 31 47
Florence 43 63
Hayden 32 66
Superior 47 49
San Carlos 40 33
Hayden 53 49
Casa Grande 31 62

A photography note: The pictures taken at 3 Mpixel resolution are good. Reducing them for reasonabley fast web pages loses quite a bit of detail. The group pictures are particularly bad at showing the detail of a long past and dimly remembered friend.

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