Sopori School, Arizona

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Circa 1945

Sopori School vista

The Sopori School was west of Kinsley Ranch on the Arivaca Road. I was under the impression that my mother taught school there but internet sources say no. She did drive a Sopori school bus for a while. (ovk)

Eulilia Bourne, who taught there in the early 1940's, used a class newspaper, Little Cowpuncher as a teaching aid in several schools. Five issues from Sopori School are on the web (Table of Contents). The UofA gave me permission to put part of Eulilia's book, Ranch Schooteacher (PDF format), on line. Lee Bell, mentioned in the article, provided much of the information for this page. (Sorry, reprint permission required that no copying be allowed.) Ms Bourne's other schools were in the Altar Valley to the west of the area of interest to this web site. Despite being outside the scope of this web site, I have to refer you to an online book by Ms Bourne, Woman in Levis, because it is good at describing ranch life. Although it is not about the Santa Cruz Valley per se, her description of flash floods, drought, roads, animals, and, above all, water, brings Arizona living to life.

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Picture note: The white area between the school and the Santa Rita Mountains appears to be a nearby, sunlit ridge just across Sopori Creek. Left, at the base of the Santa Rita's, is the distinctive Elephant Butte.

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