He Will Manage Kinsley Rodeo

Now It's Bud Parker Who Will Bring Own Rodeo to Kinsleys

Noted Roper to Try His Hand at Impresario Side of the Business on February 16; Special Events Bring Crack Ropers Together at Show on Nogales Highway


Bud Parker, about 1960, calf roper
StartBud Parker, one of the greatest steer ropers of the west, will appear in a new capacity when he stages the rodeo at Kinsley Brothers' station on Feb. 16. Parker will be manager and arena director of the rodeo in which some of the best rodeo talent in the world will appear.

This rodeo business is like a rampant fever.

Comparatively few years ago you couldn't find a rodeo nearer than Salinas on the one hand and Ft. Worth on the other. And now look at 'em!

Getting right down to home, with folks preparing for the big annual La Fiesta de los Vaqueros, in Tucson, tow fine small sized shows are bobbing up for the first time. Earl Thode staged the Casa Grande rodeo, and it was a honey. And now, for the first time in a long and eventful life, Bud Parker is planning to stage a rodeo at Kinsley Brothers, on the Nogales road, Feb. 16.

The odds are even it will be honey.

Bud Parker, known wherever cowmen gather as one of the greatest steer ropers in the world, and without a single doubt the largest one has been in the money in practically every show he ever entered. In addition he has put more than one good boy into the arena for events other than roping. So now that Bud is going to direct his own show down at Kinsley's station, it's a safe bet to say that every one of the hundred odd "top hands' who are right near here waiting for the Tucson show will all be in there trying and showing the crowd a good time.

In addition to the regular run of the main events, Bud has already shown his showmanship by setting up a list of special events—roping of coarse.

Jake McClure, premier calf roper of the southwest, and Arthur Beloat, no mean hand with a lariat himself, will be matched as a team against Breezy Cox and "dark horse." Now Breezy jus finished taking the money at Casa Grande, and while no one has told me so, I'll bet a dobie dollar that the dark horse will probably be Bud Parker in person. And how that team can rope.

Then Johnny Rhodes, the other half of that well-known steer tying act of Parker and Rhodes, has been matched in a calf roping contest with Jack Van Ryder, western artist. That should be worth watching, as well. In addition, if the supply of calves hold out, visitors can look forward to some real speedy overtime roping as all of the crack ropers will be at Kinsley's. It will be the final warming up event before the big Tucson show and how they will go for it. It will be the same with the bronc riders, steer riders, and bull doggers. If Bud asks them to turn out , they will.

Big Boy Kinsley will have charge of the dance and barbecue that will wind up the evening at the station and there will be plenty to eat and music far into the night.

While listed as "just a good little show." it's an odds on bet that there will be more real fun at Kinsley's on Feb. 16 than most folks see in a lifetime.


Kinsleys Prepare For Annual Spring Roundup Following Show

Bud Parker, Tucson cattleman, has been engaged as arena director for the annual spring round-up at Kinsley Ranch, it was announced here last night. In addition to directing the rodeo events, Parker is supplying much of the stock to be used in the round-up, according to "Big Boy" Kinsley, owner of the ranch.

Kinsley asserted the ranch's rodeo field is in perfect shape for the yearly event, and that all the riders and ropers will be there. "There is plenty of shade for picnics," he said, "and a barbecue plate lunch, sandwiches, and Mexican dishes will be served day and night."

The round-up will begin Saturday night June 6, with a dance and entertainment, and will continue through Sunday.

Round-ups on southern Arizona ranches are virtually completed, Kinsley said, and the rodeo will culminate many weeks of range activities by ranch hands.

Rodeo events, expected to draw cowboy from most ranches in the southern Arizona district, will include calf roping, team tying, bronc riding, steer riding, bulldogging and horse racing.


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