The Ballerina Bull

Kinsley Ranch Rodeo

Around 1950

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Brahma bull---the ballerina bull
©Photo by Matt Culley
I believe this photograph, cropped to feature the bull,
may have been used by Life Magazine (date unknown)
as the Picture of the Week, a regular feature of the magazine.
The rider is Curley Tilly (Source: King Rope and Saddlery Museum,
King Stores, Sheridan, Wyoming).
Courtesy of the Bud Parker family.


So while they're a puttin' the bull in the chutes,
I'm strappin' my spurs to the heels of my boots.
Then I look the bull over, and to my surprise,
He's a foot and a half in between his two eyes.
On top of his shouldeers he's got a big hump,
So I take a deep seat just in back of that bump.
When I light on the Brahma, I let out a scream,
He's out with a beller, ant the rest is a ....

From a poem beneath a photograph by Ralph Russell Doubleday in the Cowboy Hall of Fame, author unknown. See the complete poem by visiting the NATIONAL COWBOY AND WESTERN HERITAGE MUSEUM, 1700 N.E. 63rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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