Primghar Community Playhouse

The Mousetrap

by Agatha Christie
March 30, 31; April 1, 2001
Primghar Community Building.
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Giles and Mollie Ralston, operate Monkswell Manor, a boarding house outside of London. They have just opened their home to visitors and unknowingly have harbored a murderer. A blinding snowstorm has trapped the eccentric travelers, who are unaware of the heinous crime about to take place. When a murder is committed, each of them is under suspicion, and it is up to Detective Sergeant Trotter, to solve the crime.


Scene 1: The Great Hall at Monkswell Manor. Late afternoon
Scene 2: The same. The following day after lunch
The same. Ten minutes later
Time: the present (1952)

Directed by Tracy Lenz; Asst. Directors: B. Uittenbogaard, R. Brinkert

The play was first performed at the Ambassador Theater, London, England, on November 25, 1952. A play of the same name is the play-within-a-play within Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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Words or Context You Might Have Missed

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Memsahib was often a wife of a British official in India of some social status
Tinpot is poor in quality
Spiv is a person who gets his living by his wits with no regular employment
Chilblain is swelling of fingers or toe or cheeks in cold weather
Ration Books were useful to distribute scarce goods fairly during and for a while after World War II (and in other dire circumstances). Many remember conserving sugar stamps so enough sugar could be purchased for canning fruits.
England lost 403,000 military and 92,700 civilians during World War II. We can't imagine.
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