Jokari in South Africa (circa 1950)

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Montage of Sports Activities--Jokari in lower right.

Montage of Durban activities (1950's) including Jokari.

This April, 1952, flyer from Dunlop Sports News shows a lady playing Jokari on the front along with several other action pictures of sports.

Back of Durban activities brochure tutors Jokari.

"If you want to keep fit and maintain quickness of eye and feet for any game, try Jokari. Yours sincerely. R.F. Sammell (?) Editor." leads off in this unabashed plug for Jokari.

The brochure continues: "See the filmlet on how to play JOKARI, featuring Dudley Nourse and 'Bobbie' Heine-Miller showing at the following cinemas during October: Capitol (Pretoria) 1st to 6th October...." The other cinemas mentioned are the Plaza (Bloemfontein), Metro (Vereeniging), Savoy (Benoni) and Grand (Brakpan). In the USA the filmlet might be called a Selected Short Subject. (NOTE: find link to page on Serial, RKO Pathe News, and Cartoons of the past.)

The photograph was taken aboard ship. Jokari was touted as a way for sports teams to stay fit--even aboard ship.

The quoted testimony: "'An excellent game, great fun and exercise. Jokari is splendid for training the eye, improving body balance, poise, and footwork for any ball game.'--Jame and John Langridge, the well known English cricketers"

And then an informative statement. "Four models--Children's, Junior, Senior, and Athlete--are available from leading sports dealers throughout South Africa and Rhodesia." ((ovk--I would like to hear from you on the availability of the different models today. It appears that only Junior or Children's models are currently being marketed? email link below.--ovk)

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