Jokari Patent (1951)

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I want to thank Mike Thornley ( for sending me the following about patenting Jokari in Britain.

The long (two pages of fine print and a picture)xxx,xx, 1951, patent document describes how the elastic bands are used. One, heavier, elastic loops through the ball and the second, long elastic string attaches to that loop. It saves wear and tear on both evidently.

What the Jokari patent looks like

The diagram with the patent shows the idea clearly.

Diagram of the Jokari patent

Mike also included an early invitation (87 kbytes) to join a Jokari Club. One line reads, "I have a Jokari .......... model and hereby apply....", another indication that Jokari sets came in different models. The front briefly indicates that there is a Jokari Association and invites players to join, shown here, (85 kbytes).

The two linked pictures have been worked over in a digital darkroom (JASC Photo Paint) to help the readability. The antiquity of the document is evident by the untouched cropped portion of the invitation

Sample of the Jokari Assoc. flyer.

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